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Bedrock V.S Java: Final Verdict (Unbiased) : Minecraft - reddit

Minecraft Java was coded in, well, Java. However, Minecraft Bedrock was coded in C++, a much faster language than Java. What this means in simple terms, is *Java edition was never made to support many players*, and was coded as such, in an easy language like Java.

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Java Vs. Bedrock. What are the differences? : Minecraft - reddit

Bedrock has different ui and some slightly different rendering from java but the biggest differences are in the customizability and support for experimental features. When a new update is being worked on, java gets weekly snapshots to preview new features and fix bugs and such whereas bedrock just gets the experimental features setting.

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Bedrock vs. Java edition: All differences : Minecraft - reddit

Bedrock has a different redstone system, which means Java redstone mechanisms don't work in the same way or not at all. Bedrock also has different combat, because most of the combat features from the Java combat update haven't been implemented (yet?). There are also a few small differences in content, like bedrock not having foxes (yet).

Java vs Bedrock : Minecraft - reddit

1. level 1. dealer-of-the-memes. · 11m. Java is good with a ton of features can only pay with other Java players. But has lag unless you get mods like sodium. Bedrock really good with lag, servers aren't too good, redstone is ehh since you can 0 tick and push chests. But its unreliable.

Bedrock vs Java? : Minecraft - reddit.com

There are some minor differences in gameplay and they use different coding languages, but the real difference for me would be that with java you can only do multiplayer with people on pc, meanwhile with bedrock that way easier and allows for cross-platform, you can play with people on PlayStation, Xbox and mobile, just to name a few, because those all run on bedrock. With java, that's not possible because then you can only play with other java players which is only available on pc.

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Sort by: best. level 1. Paradigm_Reset. · 3m. Bedrock has, generally, lower requirements to run than Java. Bedrock has to run on phones & Java does not. But 2K FPS would be pointless in Minecraft ;) 2. level 2.

Java vs Bedrock number of players : Minecraft - reddit

The biggest difference to me is java players are generally more hateful towards bedrock players than vise versa. let's be honest bedrock has clearly more players because as you said it is more accessible. in playstore minecraft (bedrock) has over 10.000.000 downloads. of course that doesn't mean that bedrock is better.

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It does seem a bit off, but as someone who has run a Bedrock SMP Realm for over a year now, as well as having put many many hours into Java, I can contribute that mob spawning- at least currently in the development- doesn't actually feel or work out to be much different from spawningin Java, though for witch farms- in particular- we've used creative to make some adjustments.